First Time Auditions Girl Next Door

      Comments Off on First Time Auditions Girl Next Door is awesome. Take a chick that answered an ad for adult models. Make her come to you. Fuck the hell out of her and then tell her you’ll call her later if everything works out. Damn I love this. For every guy out there that’s been turned down by the whore next door this is for you.

The girl next door is a concept invented by Playboy and still hold true after 60 or so years of it’s existence. helps it live on. My next door neighbor could be classified as one of those chicks after a good session of detox and a few elocution lessons. It’s really not me to be critical but I can observe from afar.

There’s a few hundred videos with a lot more pics and every chick is sssssmmmmmmoooooooken! Enjoy!

In no specific order the network includes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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