SimpsonTwins Hardcore Twins

      Comments Off on SimpsonTwins Hardcore Twins delivers the second set of hardcore twins on this network. They even deliver the rarest of the rare… Twins on twins! I’m so impressed with the quality of girl these guys get that I bought a membership months ago and I haven’t cancelled it yet. I don’t see it being cancelled for a while. Not as long as they keep coming up with shit like this!

In the twisted world of porn I’ve seen very few twins. There are 3 sets now that I’ve done articles for and each one is worth a yank. Porn twins are just as rare as real life twins and they are just as intriguing.

I wonder if it’s like those cases when the twins are separated at birth and each one has no idea the other one exists? When one is having an experience and the other feels it?

I have to believe it happens during sexual acts as well but you’re not going to hear that on 20/20. So, instead of relying on some kind of telepathy, the girls just do it together!

The girls are too fine for wine and they fuck like they’re on X! Not that I would know but I naturally assumed. There’s never dull moment on this network. You get,,,,, and

All of that hot young pussy for one low price. Check them all out!

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