Shady P.I. – Cheating Whores

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Cheating Whores are exposed here on with spycams. We here Shady P.I. have all the evidence against these cheating sluts with 100% private investigator tapes that Shady P.I. leaks out to public. The mission that has is to embarrass and humiliate every cheating whore out there. Shady P.I. does not want any tramp out their to feel safe from the hidden spycams.

How got started. A few years ago, He suspected his wife of cheating on him. he decided to install spycams inside of his own bedroom. He wasn’t too sure what to expect, some naive part of him still hoping her lies would turn out to be true. But there was no way Shady P.I. could deny the evidence.  This piece of shit was fucking around his back. When Shady P.I. saw the footage. He left the house and never looked back.

He decided to become a private investigator to catch other cheating whores. Pretty soon Shady P.I. was turning down customers.  That is how screwed up women are these days. Shady P.I. tails his targets for days and bugs every room he could access. has accumulated a huge collection of spycam tapes.
And now have it all available for everybody online. Shady P.I. hopes this serves as a lesson to all the cheating, lying, pieces of shit whores. Don’t cross the Shady P.I. !!

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