Sleep Creep – Pepper Foxxx

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At you will bring back the memories of when we were in situations where we could or did take advantage of an unsuspecting Teen babe in her sleep. In the pic above we have a teen cutie to die for. We have story of a guy Pepper Foxxx dated few months ago. There was to many problems in this union to make it work. But how it first started was like this.

She gave him a call last weekend and asked him to go on a dirt biking trip.  Having no plans and remembering how hot this sexy teen is, he agreed to go. After a rigorous day dirt biking when they got back she was pretty worn out.  Pepper Foxxx  passed out on him when they were making out. She wanted to fuck him so badly and apologized for being so tired. When she knocked out, he went downstairs to call his buddy to come on down with a video camera to shoot him being a Sleep Creep while she is passed out in bed upstairs.  The minute the Sleep Creep walked in on Pepper Foxxx he started stroking her light brown hair and gliding his hands down to her soft teen nipples and going further down and fingering her wet pure18 year old pussy! The Sleep Creep got so fucking hard as his cock was approaching her warm mouth!! When the Sleep Creep finished fucking her tight teen pussy he left her a good morning facial on her baby soft face!

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