Bang My Stepmom

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The single biggest mistake most dads make when they buy themselves a trophy wife is to trust their own sons not to fuck them. At Bang My Stepmom the ladies take the term “Hot MILF” to a whole nother level!

Take Monique Fuentez for example. Ace’s dad went all the way to Columbia to find this hot piece of Latina MILF. She had a taste for the black cock. The only problem for Ace’s dad is that Ace’s cock tasted just like dad’s! Monique can’t tell the difference!!!

With pop working so many hours and going on business trips all of the time it was only natural for Ace to figure out what he had to do. It was time to bang his stepmom! updates every week with a new episode. The moms these stepsons get to bang will have you asking your own father to get a divorce and get a trophy wife of your own… I mean, his own!

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1 comment on “Bang My Stepmom

  1. Able

    I actually did this with my step mom. Crazy bitch wanted to fuck on mother’s day. God she was hot. Wish my dad was still married to the bitch.

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