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Exploited College Girls! Give me a facial!
Posted By Rhino on 08/28/09

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Well, folks, the tribe has spoken and Emo Teens are now the in thing. Some of you might be thinking: Fuck, get this girl a hamburger! To bad. Get used to it. Kaira 18 has a massive following so I don’t think she is going anywhere!

Kaira is just like any other 18 year old girl except for the fact that she weighs in at only 104lbs (without the metal accessories). That last part actually brings up another difference. Kaira18 doesn’t mind expressing herself. She has quite a few piercings!

This Emo teen likes guys and girls. Many of her videos and picture sets feature her with her friends. Kaira 18 gets 100% nude in her videos!

Kaira 18 regularly videotapes her regular life in standard resolution. Like a video blog. Then she switches to the high definition camera to capture the sexier stuff. With her pics, blogs, video blogs and sexy videos she has multiple weekly updates to get you hard and keep you that way!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/22/09

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Back when I was in high school there were maybe five fuckable chicks out of ten and only about one in ten was a hottie. These days it seems hot chicks are a fucking dime a dozen. It seems like five out of ten are hotties now and eight out of ten you wouldn’t kick out of bed.

Because of this trend some of the ugliest mother fuckers in the world are scoring some of the hottest babes ever. I guess when only 10% of a schools students are jocks that leaves 40% of the schools hotties fucking what ever has a dick.

Pure 18 is a reflection of the real world. How in the fuck do they find so many willing barely legal girls? These bitches can’t be getting more than $300 a scene and it seems like hot girls are falling from the trees to get that money!

I would have given my right arm to fuck a girl like Sera above back in school. Shit, I still would! But now I don’t have to. I can just watch her getting plowed on Pure 18 and save a ton of money I would have spent taking this bitch out.

Speaking of saving money, Pure 18 is part of the Reality Kings network. You get 28 sites for the price of one. Sites like Mikes Apartment and Money Talks will have you wondering why you aren’t getting laid more often.

Grab a pass and start saving those dollar bills for the strip club!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/03/09

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Pure CFNM is where you go to relive those boyhood and manhood fantasies of getting caught and having girls have their way with you.

In the CFNM movie above the girls are learning massage. The only male in the glass gets a hardon while fantasizing about having the blonde alone in the room. The teacher takes things into her own hands, literally, and has Toby lie down naked on the bed.

“From time to time this situation will arise.” the teach instructs the class. “To fix it we have to focus our techniques until he reaches the point of maximum stimulation.”

With this, his teacher instructs the girls on how to properly jack a man off. The girls take turns on Toby’s cock until he cannot hold back any longer. Low and behold the student he had the crush on is the one that puts Toby over the edge.

Anyone that has spied on the next door neighbors daughter, girls in the shower at school or even their sister’s friends will find this site to be heaven sent.

Ninety percent of the girls are hot as hell and usually they are dressed in skimpy, clingy panties.

The CFNM videos are realistic and produced with satisfying your ultimate fantasies in mind. Just about the only thing better would be being there in person.

Compared to the cookie cutter sites like CFNM Secret this site is a true CFNM fans holy grail. New scenes are added weekly and come with high resolution photos.

Scenes at Pure CFNM don’t revolve solely around handjobs. Many include blowjobs and full hardcore sex. Members have even taken part in the scenes!

Grab a Pure CFNM password and let those fantasies of getting caught roll!

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