Pure 18 – Sera

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Back when I was in high school there were maybe five fuckable chicks out of ten and only about one in ten was a hottie. These days it seems hot chicks are a fucking dime a dozen. It seems like five out of ten are hotties now and eight out of ten you wouldn’t kick out of bed.

Because of this trend some of the ugliest mother fuckers in the world are scoring some of the hottest babes ever. I guess when only 10% of a schools students are jocks that leaves 40% of the schools hotties fucking what ever has a dick.

Pure 18 is a reflection of the real world. How in the fuck do they find so many willing barely legal girls? These bitches can’t be getting more than $300 a scene and it seems like hot girls are falling from the trees to get that money!

I would have given my right arm to fuck a girl like Sera above back in school. Shit, I still would! But now I don’t have to. I can just watch her getting plowed on Pure 18 and save a ton of money I would have spent taking this bitch out.

Speaking of saving money, Pure 18 is part of the Reality Kings network. You get 28 sites for the price of one. Sites like Mikes Apartment and Money Talks will have you wondering why you aren’t getting laid more often.

Grab a pass and start saving those dollar bills for the strip club!