Kaira 18

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Well, folks, the tribe has spoken and Emo Teens are now the in thing. Some of you might be thinking: Fuck, get this girl a hamburger! To bad. Get used to it. Kaira 18 has a massive following so I don’t think she is going anywhere!

Kaira is just like any other 18 year old girl except for the fact that she weighs in at only 104lbs (without the metal accessories). That last part actually brings up another difference. Kaira18 doesn’t mind expressing herself. She has quite a few piercings!

This Emo teen likes guys and girls. Many of her videos and picture sets feature her with her friends. Kaira 18 gets 100% nude in her videos!

Kaira 18 regularly videotapes her regular life in standard resolution. Like a video blog. Then she switches to the high definition camera to capture the sexier stuff. With her pics, blogs, video blogs and sexy videos she has multiple weekly updates to get you hard and keep you that way!