Sleep Assault – Vanessa Leon

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If you are a male and you get drunk and you have a girlfriend or have ever had a girlfriend, you have thought about it at least once in your lifetime… The Sleep Assault.

A Sleep Assault usually happens when alcohol and/or drugs leave you horny and your hot girlfriend sleepy. In the beginning she is a willing participant – ready to fuck your brains out. Then she loses consciousness and leaves you will a case of the blue balls.

That is when the idea hits you. Why does she have to be awake for this? She already gave consent and her pussy is piping-fucking-hot! You spring into action.

As you are filling her cunt with your cock and enjoying every minute of it you start to fill her vaginal walls contract. Is this bitch getting excited you wonder? Soon she is moaning right along with you and you realize she wants to cum too.


Things got to feeling so good and you figured this was going to be a one man show – you are ready to blow! So you switch your thoughts to learning some new snowboarding trick or to tying a  line through the gills of a newly caught fish… that will stop your rumbling volcano of man goo from blowing its top too early!

Once you sense she is thirty seconds out herself you switch back to the matter at hand. Time to blow the top off of this mountain. As soon as you feel her contractions you thrust forward and creampie that pussy of hers while idly thinking, “This bitch had better be serious about taking the pill!”

Sleep Assault happens all over the world. It is as much a part of a healthy relationship as romance is. Without it guys would go insane with the blue ball fever. Women would wonder why their man’s socks are always crusty…

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