Stupid Ex GF

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Warning: Click on the video above will start a movie clip complete with sound of a smoking hawt blonde babe smoking cock. You have been warned!

Stupid Ex GF follows Emma as she cheats on her (now) ex-boyfriend. While he was away saving the country from Islamic extremists, Emma was polishing everyone else’s guns!

Once her boyfriend returned he went to work hacking her Myspace, Facebook and other social networking accounts. He amassed all of her pics and videos and then he put them up on the Internet for all to see. Gee, I wonder how she is going to explain this at the next family gathering!

Go ahead, watch the Myspace blowjob videos above and get blown away. The quality is pretty kick ass and this is the low resolution sample version. Imagine what the HD one looks like inside!

Plus, get this shit: If you are a actively serving or retired veteran of the U.S. Military, the guy will give you access for free! Stupid Ex GF deserves some love for that kind of patriotic dedication!