Mr. Biggz – Paris Mayne

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Have you ever tried this?  Were you successful?  Well you are either a liar or you need to contact me see I can get you on Mr. Biggz.  I tried this and Paris Mayne laughed her ass off, because that was as far as I could reach, just tickled her butt hole.

Now Mr. Biggz that fuckin show off, is at least 4 inches in at this point.  Paris Mayne is not laughing now.  So now I sit back and live vicariously through the guys with the 13 inch cocks.  I always thought I was doing good, especially in my early 20’s when I was still in shape, butt even then i would have to take your penis and put it on the end of mine to measure up.

So come to Mr. Biggz and be amazed, closely scrutinize it if you must, but no fake attachments here, no picture splicing here.  Just a huge cock that should be celebrated.  As long as you get to go first who gives a fuck, no worries that he’s got a dick literally twice your size?

So I challenge to swallow your pride and go to Mr. Biggz and watch some of hottest bitches show you what true pussy pain is.  Now grab your cock and make these bitches scream your name because today you are Mr. Biggz.