Ashlynn Brooke

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I have been in this business now for seven years. I started out just like you. Surfing porn and looking for freebies. Eventually I’d find something worthy of my hard earned cash and I’d spend a couple of bucks. One day it occurred to me… The guy writing about this shit must be making some scratch on my referral to the site. On that day I switched from being a consumer to a producer/advertiser.

My girlfriend still has problems understanding that fact to this day. I do this full time and because I do it full time I have become desensitized to porn. While this pic of Ashlynn Brooke smoking a hot cock probably made your dick hard… to me its just another pic. It might as well be of the grand canyon!

So why am I telling you all of this? Because while that pic didn’t make my cock leap at attention, the blowjob flash video in the gallery sure as hell did! I have to admit… I am a sucker for a good blowjob. My GF performs blowjobs like a fucking porn star. I guess she feels she has some stiff competition.

The sad part is that my GF doesn’t realize I am associating the video with the feelings HER blowjobs give me. Not the blowjob Ashlynn Brooke is performing… Hmm… No… I am definitely watching her performance, but I am associating it with the hot, wet mouth of my GF…

Anyway… It just sucks that women don’t get it. They don’t have to be in competition with a porn star. They just have to have passionate sex!

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