Natalie Spice – Klimax

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Let me introduce you to a new model Natalie Spice, her web site was just created and she came out just banging away at the competition.

Natalie Spice has harsh competition in the Spice world, you have Tania Spice and Gigi Spice who do hardcore.  Then you have Karla Spice who is one of the hottest models I have ever seen, who just recently started doing topless.  Natalie Spice goes full nude so she trumps Karla Spice, and she is a lot hotter than either Tania Spice or Gigi Spice.  So they really need to go hardcore to compete. 

So coming out the gates, Natalie spice is well placed and maybe the best of the bunch.  If she ever goes hardcore it will be a joyous and sad day at the same time, sad because it won’t be me and joyous is pretty fucking obvious.