My Girlfriends Revenge

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All Mina ever wanted was a faithful man that could take care of her. Well, as it turns out her boyfriend was sleeping around with some bimbo so she ended up finding a very unfaithful man who ended up taking very good care of her sexual needs!

My Girlfriends Revenge is where the ladies get the upper hand on their cheating boyfriends. We’ve all watched the TV show Cheaters and some of us [a-hem] have dreamed about banging some of the ladies on the show. This site is like the next step in reality TV’s evolution!

With one password you also get access to the entire All Reality Pass network. More teen sites include Coeds Need Cash, Big Cock Teen Addiction and ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club. There are more, but you’d probably rather take the tour and get it from the horses mouth.