Christina Aguchi Dom On Gonzo Tube

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At only 118lbs and standing a mere 5’4" tall Christina Aguchi doesn’t seem like she could dominate such a large man, but then domination isn’t just about the physical aspects of human nature. Psychology plays a very large part of domination and in that regard who better to exploit the cracks in this man’s psyche then a crazy Asian bitch?

Gonzo Tube is going to take you to the far reaches of your brain and if you are lucky you might make it back in one piece. The site has plenty of gonzo videos in a variety of genres to keep you coming back for more. Then again, being that the site is free I don’t think it would be too hard to get you to frequent the site.

You can find all of your favorite gonzo pornstars with each video she appears in all on one page. The site further breaks things down and makes it brain dead easy to find what you want by allowing you to sort by newest videos, most viewed videos and the top rated videos.

The video lengths hover around 20 to 30 minutes being the norm with a few shorter ones and quite a few even longer videos. Again, you don’t have to pay for a thing so stop wasting time reading this and go book-mark the site!

1 comment on “Christina Aguchi Dom On Gonzo Tube

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