Pornographic Tag Team On Aubrey

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Damn, boy! This bitch is going full slut on these guys. They are all tag teaming her and she is acting like this is just a run of the mill thing for her. I wonder how well she rides a bull!

Aubrey Addams is the ditsy kind of girl you hope to find in a club. She isn’t the brightest bulb in the place, but she certainly is the hottest. Because she is so ditsy you might not want to bring this one home to your momma. Better to bring her home to your buddies and fill every hole at the same time. Hey, you gotta scratch off that bucket list. You ain’t getting any younger.

When you strike out at the club you can always pull out your mobile phone and enjoy some mobile porn. Shit! You don’t even have to drive home before you nut!

Don’t be embarrassed about it either. I used my phone in a bathroom stall on a plane to watch porn. Hey, it was a long fucking flight, OK?!?!