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Exploited College Girls! Give me a facial!
Posted By Rhino on 12/20/13

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Shemale cams model Liza

Like Liza I always thought I was the odd one out because I was into the shemale scene. As it turns out my love for shemales was like my love for masturbating. Both behaviors were much more common than I could have ever imagined.

After doing a post on one of my blogs where I asked about whether or not guys, or gals, liked shemale porn I was shocked at the responses. As it turns out a full 1/3 of guys liked viewing shemale porn videos. Of the girls about 1/5th enjoyed watching videos with shemales and girls, while 1/3rd of them liked watching shemale and guys porn. I already knew girls liked watching gay porn, but shemale porn as well?

Armed with this information I stopped worrying about my fetish for tranny sex. Now I know I am just one of the many people that quietly enjoy (well, somewhat quietly) their love for shemales.

Whether you are in the closet about your fetish, or you are open about it, you can always count on girls like Liza on to milk every last drop of sperm out of you. Their shemale cams are online at all times of the day or night. There are thousands of models to choose from. Billing is discrete so nobody will know about your secret fantasies unless you tell them.

Live out your fantasies with shemale cams on!

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Posted By Rhino on 12/05/13

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amateur match adult dating site for hooking up with girls

By far the best girls to date are the amateur girls that are super naïve. They fuck like rabbits and lack the intellect to realize you are sleeping around on them. Not to mention they are usually super hot, lack self esteem and are willing to do anything to please you.

So now you are probably wondering how in the fuck somebody finds girls of this caliber. It is actually pretty damn easy. The folks at amateurmatch have developed a laser targeted system to match you up with girls that don’t know how to say no to fucking on the first date. In fact, some of them will probably insist.

Just about the only caveat I can think of is to make sure you use condoms when you fuck these girls. You will be banging dozens of chicks a month. The last thing you need is to get some crazy STD. Not that I am saying these girls have them per se, I am just saying it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having a massive amount of sex.

You don’t have to be rich, necessarily good looking or drive a Porsche to land girls on Amateur Match by the way. I am balding, going gray and drive an old beat up Jeep and I do just fine!

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