Use Ads For Sex For Quick Hookups

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Use Ads For Sex For Quick Hookups

So the other night I am getting ready to go to this dinner where everybody else has a girlfriend or a wife and I get to thinking, fuck, I wish I had somebody to bring. I didn’t have time to go to one of those dating sites that could match me based on a bunch of different dimensions. I needed a quick hookup right then and there.

I found a site called ads for sex and gave it a try. Right away I found a girl in my area that was right up my alley. My kind of girl. The funny thing was that she was black. I had never dated a black girl before, much less had sex with one. I gave it a shot telling her I was going to a dinner party and I needed a partner. If we hit it off we could do more, but right then I just needed a date.

Before I knew it I was picking her up and we hit it off right from the beginning. She had never dated a white dude before. Things I thought were just being normal she considered romantic or being a gentleman. She was funny, smart and strong willed. Exactly what I wasn’t finding in white girls.