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For the most part I usually talk about porn here. More specifically I talk about how you can watch porn, not how you can make money off of it. I found this new dating site program and while I was checking it out I remembered what it was like when I read a post like this one many years ago. So I am going to try and help you break into the dating affiliate market very similar to how I did it over a decade ago.

First go ahead and join the Date Match dating program. You want to join at DatingAffiliate.com. Not the dating site itself. That is what you will be selling.

When I got started GEO Cities was still around, AOL was king of the Internet and I learned how to use their free traffic for my own gain. You can still do this today by using sites like Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

Every MILLIONS of users login to Twitter and Tumblr to search for things like "get laid tonight" or "fuck tonight". Go ahead and do it yourself. You will see post on twitter and images on Tumblr pop up about the subject. Surf those and notice people are sending you to dating sites where they get paid up to $100 per sale!

Sound too good to be true? You’d be surprised at how many people using Dating Affiliate make over $10,000 a month without spending any money to create their networks!