The emotional dangers of a typical adult hookup

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You might think that sex dating is the best thing to happen to you since sliced bread. I mean it can definitely take your love life to the next level, just check out this profile of a local hotty. By love life, I use that term loosely. There is no love connected with the adult hookup. It’s all about physical intimacy. It’s all about a hookup. It’s all about sex, right? Well, you might want to hold off because while you may be able to achieve a higher number of conquests with these types of websites, they do bring a lot of dangers to the table.

If you are completely clueless or you’re not that really all self-aware you might be putting yourself into a situation where you might end up in a sticky place as far as your emotions are concerned. You see a lot of guys would like to believe that they can safely separate or segregate their physical lives from the emotional lives. To put it more bluntly, most guys mistakenly believe that they can separate their penises and balls from their heart. The reality is actually quite different. As much as we’d like to believe that we’re all macho, the moment we get physically intimate with a woman, emotions are at play.

Emotions are a tricky thing because it can blow up, flare up and otherwise run out of control and it only leaves feeling vulnerable. So if you don’t want to become an emotional mess, make sure that your head is in the right place. Make sure that you have the right assumptions and expectations with the typical adult hookup experience, otherwise, you’re only putting yourself at risk emotionally.