You Heard the Man, Get To It

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It’s another funky site by The GF Network. They’ve really stepped off the vanilla line the latter part of their success and I must admit that I quite like it, but then again I’ve never been a guy for what necessarily enjoyed by the masses or what’s mainstream.

This site’s name leaves nothing in terms of guesswork: Jizz On My Girlfriend and who are we to argue then, right?

So of course it’s another girlfriend site and this one is laden with amateur chicks getting covered in cum. It’s not easy to tell of course if it is actually someone else cumming on another guy’s girlfriend but we’ll pretend along. It’s supposed to add to the taboo and the immersion so there’s no point really in trying to pick it apart, just have fun with it.

There’s a lifetime discount to Jizz On My GF which you can activate by taking up a 30-day pass at 63% off the regular price and renewing it month-to-month. For as long as you keep renewing it the special rate will remain even after the special expires and the rate will never increase.