Now That’s Just Perfect

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Even though I feel like the hype has settled the lass three or so years we went through this revolution, almost a rebellion stage really, where men had enough of being indoctrinated by fashion media about what an attractive female body is.

It was and still is something that I find very exciting and remarkable really considering how it almost just happened. It just goes to show what can happen when you try and force the masses against their grain even when subtly, subliminally even. There is a natural order to things and when pushed to far it will push back hard.

Now we are in a time where we appreciate women’s bodies for how they are naturally meant to be and that certainly includes their bottoms. I don’t think I’ve even met a straight man who doesn’t appreciate how sexy a women’s ass is and to my taste the ass on this girl in picture is perfect. It’s just the right amount of everything.

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