Net Video Girls Get Nasty

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Have I posted about Net Video Girls on this blog yet? I’d be surprised if I haven’t because it’s a site that keeps drawing me back in. There is a vast world of porn out there, but this is one of those gems that is worth returning to, and so I do. Often.

Net Video Girls is a casting site. The idea is that girls show up responding to real ads for Calendar Auditions. They enter into the room thinking they are auditioning to pose for something softcore. They leave with legs wobbly from being fucked so hard.

The interviews start off with the girls seeming sweet, but once they realize they are potential pornstars, something within them changes. They transform into sex crazy vixens, willing to do whatever necessary, and get incredibly nasty, to be cast.

Membership with this Net Video Girls discount includes 7 more sites. It’s a generous network of hardcore porn that I have come to appreciate greatly. The idea behind it may not seem all that interesting or original and yet it somehow is. I don’t know if they are just really lucky with the girls they get or if there is something else going on that I can’t pinpoint, but it just doesn’t feel like another run of the mill porn casting site.