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Exploited College Girls! Give me a facial!
Posted By Rhino on 08/22/09

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Back when I was in high school there were maybe five fuckable chicks out of ten and only about one in ten was a hottie. These days it seems hot chicks are a fucking dime a dozen. It seems like five out of ten are hotties now and eight out of ten you wouldn’t kick out of bed.

Because of this trend some of the ugliest mother fuckers in the world are scoring some of the hottest babes ever. I guess when only 10% of a schools students are jocks that leaves 40% of the schools hotties fucking what ever has a dick.

Pure 18 is a reflection of the real world. How in the fuck do they find so many willing barely legal girls? These bitches can’t be getting more than $300 a scene and it seems like hot girls are falling from the trees to get that money!

I would have given my right arm to fuck a girl like Sera above back in school. Shit, I still would! But now I don’t have to. I can just watch her getting plowed on Pure 18 and save a ton of money I would have spent taking this bitch out.

Speaking of saving money, Pure 18 is part of the Reality Kings network. You get 28 sites for the price of one. Sites like Mikes Apartment and Money Talks will have you wondering why you aren’t getting laid more often.

Grab a pass and start saving those dollar bills for the strip club!

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Posted By Rhino on 08/03/09

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Pure CFNM is where you go to relive those boyhood and manhood fantasies of getting caught and having girls have their way with you.

In the CFNM movie above the girls are learning massage. The only male in the glass gets a hardon while fantasizing about having the blonde alone in the room. The teacher takes things into her own hands, literally, and has Toby lie down naked on the bed.

“From time to time this situation will arise.” the teach instructs the class. “To fix it we have to focus our techniques until he reaches the point of maximum stimulation.”

With this, his teacher instructs the girls on how to properly jack a man off. The girls take turns on Toby’s cock until he cannot hold back any longer. Low and behold the student he had the crush on is the one that puts Toby over the edge.

Anyone that has spied on the next door neighbors daughter, girls in the shower at school or even their sister’s friends will find this site to be heaven sent.

Ninety percent of the girls are hot as hell and usually they are dressed in skimpy, clingy panties.

The CFNM videos are realistic and produced with satisfying your ultimate fantasies in mind. Just about the only thing better would be being there in person.

Compared to the cookie cutter sites like CFNM Secret this site is a true CFNM fans holy grail. New scenes are added weekly and come with high resolution photos.

Scenes at Pure CFNM don’t revolve solely around handjobs. Many include blowjobs and full hardcore sex. Members have even taken part in the scenes!

Grab a Pure CFNM password and let those fantasies of getting caught roll!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/24/09

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When Brynn Tyler was approached by the Whitezilla crew she had no idea what she was getting herself into. She figured, “How bad could it be? The guys is white for Christ’s sake!”

Too bad for Brynn the WhiteZilla was born with an amazing package below the belt. His cock is legend in his home town.  Ladies that fuck his monster cock cannot hide the fact that they tried to tame the beast. It is pretty hard to look natural when your cunt is stretched to the point of tearing.

Whitezilla is why the phrase, “Won’t be able to walk right for a week,” was coined!

As an added bonus you also get access to the entire Hush Pass network of sites. They include Sucking the Big One and Too Big To Be True. Fans that enjoy seeing hot teens squirm on cock way too big for their little holes will find the Hush Pass the perfect way to spend an evening!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/06/09

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What do you do when your little sister tells you she wants to make porn videos? And… Not just any porn videos. She wants to do the kinky shit. Whips, leather, tickling, etc, etc…

Well, if you are Tiffany Preston you hook her the fuck up!

When Brittany Preston decided to get into the action it opened  up new avenues for what is setting up to be one extremely successful family business. After all, who doesn’t like watching sisters get kinky and suck cock together. Even better, point of view style. It is like they are sucking on your cock!

If there is one problem that plagues most kinky fetish sites it is that the models don’t look very appealing. Unless you are into drugged up, stressed out biker bitches with more arm pit hair then Borat. My Kinky Sister solves this problem by featuring not one, but two hot kinky bitches!

My Kinky Sister updates several times a week with photos in the 3000 to 4000 pixel range and a video you can download or stream online in 640×480 or 1280×720. Everything is done in HD so the quality is phenomenal!

To keep things hot and spicy Brittany takes member requests so you can watch exactly what excites you. Also she gives you access to her sister’s site and a few more of her friends. Want more details? Take the My Kinky Sister tour!

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Posted By Rhino on 06/18/09

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Some girls dream of growing up and marrying a doctor. Having a family and a nice house with a white picket fence. Maybe driving around town in their cute Beamer or a Lexus…

Jesse Jordan isn’t one of those girls. At an early age she learned she could get just about anything she wanted with a flirtatious smile. With some batting of her eye lashes her grades had a way of changing into something easier for her parents to stomach.

As with most things, when Jessie got older getting those grades to change required a higher price. How could she show up the other girls in her class and win over the affections of her teacher?

Jesse had just the plan. She was going to learn to deep throat and not only that, Jesse would learn to love it too!

Click the pic above and watch this girl next door smoke a cock like a real champ. Not only does she throat fuck like a porn star, she fucks like one too!

Each week the Deep Throat Love guys find another willing girl like Jesse that can be trained to love what she is doing just as much as the guys love her doing it to them.

As part of a larger network of sites your Deep Throat Love pass is good for the entire Porn Pros network. Sites like MILF Humiliation, Jurassic Cock, 18 Years Old, 40oz Bounce and more will have you laughing, crying, whacking and more importantly – satisfied!

Grab a pass to Deep Throat Love and show it to your better half. Then ask, how deep is your love?

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Posted By Rhino on 06/10/09

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Leave it to renown glamour photographer J. Stephen Hicks to create a photo of Shyla Jennings that is just as hawt looking as it is cold. There is something about this girls little pert boobies with the nipples all hard that makes your dick crave milk!

This photo is from one of Shyla’s galleries at Digital Desire. A glamour site that takes porn and turns it into an art form.

Each of the models at Digital Desire are from the A-list of nude models. Girls like Shyla Jennings often have porn sites of their own or have shot for several magazines like Hustler, Playboy and Penthouse. Add to that the softcore men’s magazines and you pretty much have every girl you have ever masturbated to in one location!

All of the girls do several photo shoots and videos. There are literally 100’s of models including both male and female models. Digital Desire updates daily and when you see the quality you will wonder how in the hell they can afford to do so.

Digital Desire has plenty of join options and by far the best one is the $9.95 trial. You can try out the site for 10 days and if you don’t like it, cancel. If you do, rebills are only $19.95 a month! You probably pay more than that and get less buying the above mentioned magazines!

Times are hard. Shyla Jennings nipples are harder. Take the trial and go to bed a happy man!

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Posted By on 06/02/09

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If you are looking for the Bachelor Party Site with a Twist? Then is for you.

These guys do what every best man dreams of. They throw bachelor parties that end up with every one at the party getting some pussy. They make sure that the grooms last day as a free man is the best day of his life.

They get a video camera and hire the best strippers that money can buy then they turn a regular Bachelor Party into a Bachelor Party Fuck Fest. With these guys recording every party they throw all of the content is real and 100% exclusive.

Seeing how they were not around when you had your party get your membership today and see what it would have been like to have a Bachelor Party Fuckfest.

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Posted By Rhino on 05/22/09

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If there is one thing in the world I will never tire of it is shaving pussy. Damn how I wish there was a job out there were I could shave girls vaginas day in and dine out.

As men we like to make things better than they were before we acquired them. Call it the MacGyver effect. Give us a nickel, a penny and an extension cord and we will weld some shit.

I don’t mind some hair on a pussy, but what God gave women is just too damn much. I want to lick her pussy. Not feel like I am kissing Magnum P.I. after all.

Shaving Salon is a site half way devoted to shaving teenage pussy and the other half to banging the shit out of their bare pussies too!

Hold on, the best has yet to come!

Shaving Salon is part of a larger network of sites mostly dealing with teenage chicks. Amateurs, not professionals. Girls that are real and that are really have real orgasms. You get Wild XXX Parties, Home Voyeur Video, Teens Home Porn and more. Take the tour and as always, check the join page for the extra’s details.

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Posted By Rhino on 05/11/09

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Someone did a search for Monique Fuentes and I didn’t have anything writing about this MILF vixen yet. I found some material on her at, the world’s best and oldest MILF site. In fact, MILF Hunter turned the acronym MILF into a household term!

The MILF Hunter has been tracking hot MILF since 2001. Each and every week he posts a new episode featuring a sexy MILF. The episodes come with pics and a video. You can either stream the video or download it to your own computer. Plus, each video is broken up into several clips so your can skip to the gooshy parts.

With so many years and weekly updates MILF Hunter has literally hundreds of MILF videos. Each one of them featuring a hottie like Monique. Each one of them shot exclusively for MILF Hunter!

But that is not all!

As a member of MILF Hunter you get access to one of the most well known porn networks ever created. The Reality Kings are the guys behind the MMA fighter Kimbo Slice. You might have seen one of his fighting videos. They own night clubs in Miami featured in In The VIP. They run MILF Nextdoor, We Live Together, 40 Inch Plus, Big Naturals, Big Tits Boss, Monster Curves, Captain Stabbin, See My Wife and more.

The Reality Kings have 100’s of customers who have maintained their memberships since the beginning. There are 1000’s more members that have been with them for over five years! Why? Because they don’t fuck with you! That’s why!

All downloaded videos can be watched even if you cancel. You can cancel online with instant confirmation and never have to talk to a live human being. The Reality Kings do not allow any Email marketing of any kind. So you will never receive annoying spam.

MILF Hunter is MILF porn done right!

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Posted By Rhino on 04/23/09

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Homemade Video Pass. A site that just keeps getting better and better. Originally this site was stocked full of homemade videos. Then they wizened up and decided, “Why not throw in porn stars too?”

Now you get two updates a week instead of one and with porn stars being the other update you always have something you can watch even if the amateur update doesn’t feature your type of girl.

Updates range in niches too. Group sex, threesomes, asians, interracial, big tits, big cocks, big asses, circle jerks and everything else you can possibly think of.

Take the tour. If you are the type of guy that gets bored with the same old shit, this site will rock your world!

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Posted By on 04/08/09

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Well it looks like Lynn found one way of getting the coaches attention at her Cheerleader Audition.

The thing is that what she went to was not a real Cheerleader tryout for a team but instead it was one for a spot on a porn site. is all about a group of guys that set up these fake Cheerleader Auditions in hope of finding girls that are desperate to make a team and will do any thing to make it. At first the girls didn’t buy in to it but now the girls are doing everything from not wearing panties under their skirts like Lynn to fucking and sucking the coaches.

Every scene at comes with high quality photos to HD quality videos of the hot teens. So if you  have ever wondered what it would be like to fuck a hot cheerleader just check out Cheerleader Auditions.

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Posted By Rhino on 03/18/09

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The single biggest mistake most dads make when they buy themselves a trophy wife is to trust their own sons not to fuck them. At Bang My Stepmom the ladies take the term “Hot MILF” to a whole nother level!

Take Monique Fuentez for example. Ace’s dad went all the way to Columbia to find this hot piece of Latina MILF. She had a taste for the black cock. The only problem for Ace’s dad is that Ace’s cock tasted just like dad’s! Monique can’t tell the difference!!!

With pop working so many hours and going on business trips all of the time it was only natural for Ace to figure out what he had to do. It was time to bang his stepmom! updates every week with a new episode. The moms these stepsons get to bang will have you asking your own father to get a divorce and get a trophy wife of your own… I mean, his own!

As a member of Bang My Stepmom you get access to a large network of independently owned and operated sites. Take the tour and hit the Sites button for more details. Each site is updated weekly so you get multiple updates ever day!

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Posted By on 03/07/09

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Great it looks like Asian chicks have a thing for big black cocks now as well.

I have heard of white bitches having black cravings but now I come across a girl like Dianna on sucking down a giant black dick.

I guess if you are into interracial porn it doesn’t make a difference to you because any girl riding on a black cock that isn’t black would be considered fair game in your eyes.

If you are into interracial porn you will enjoy Eat My Black Meat. They have a large selection of girls mostly white and a couple of Asian girls gagging on the biggest darkest cocks you will see.

The best part of is that all of the content you see on the site is 100% exclusive, so you will not find it any where else. Now go watch Dianna get her poor pussy destroyed at Eat My Black Meat.

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Posted By on 02/20/09

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Poor little Schoolgirls exploited by their dirty teacher. At we know how young, sexy and flirty they are. But imagine these aggressive barely legal teen schoolgirls fucking their teachers hard after class. Here at Teen Teacher the young schoolgirls have received the best sex education tools to excite any man.

Click on the above pic and take the Teen Teacher tour. You will see for yourself that girls have the best weapons of mass seduction. Pure 18 and 19 year olds who like sucking cocks one and two at a time, sucking your juice dry, deep anal insertions, flexibility for any positions, taking facials and more.

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Posted By on 02/18/09

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Zoe Stunner is for all of us hot teen lovers. is great at finding the youngest looking barely legal teens in the porn industry. I have not found a site that comes even close to the hot teens that Pure18 delivers to its members.

Pure 18 takes these horny young looking teens and gives them all the cock they hunger and desire. Pure 18 is the safest porn site you will find when it comes to the youngest legal teens on the industry. The babes go through a rigid age background check to be sure of their legal age status. So that we can enjoy all hardcore hot teens that Pure18 throws at us. It is truly hard to believe that Zoe Stunner here in the above pic is of age and likes to take huge cocks pounding her face is a cock rising added plus.

Come on in and take the 3 day trial for $4.95 of all the Pure 18 verified 18 years old hot teens and check out the details of all 24+sites you can get for the price of 1.

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