Blow Job Auditions

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What’s the best thing about blow jobs you ask? How the hell should I know? All I can tell you is what I think. I think the designated hitter rule undermines the purity of the game. But, as far as BJs go, the feeling when a chick first takes your hard cock into her mouth can even rival the pussy sometimes.

Blow Job Auditions is a super sweet site with a ton of chicks, hard dicks, amatuer feel, and a huge network for a low price. Beat off to them soon!!!



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Milton Twins Strap On

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I thought since I did the new site for that I should repost my article just for shits and giggles.

One can never have enough of wonderful little blonde twin hotties. With their sweet pink pussies and a transparent strap-on they are so much fun. You just wanna kick back and relax in there for a while. I always say there’s nothing finer than to be in a vagina.

There’s enough content here to keep yer cock hard for a good couple yanks. Tons of photo sets, video sets and a blazing download speed so you won’t be left holding your dick! I couldn’t resist.

Remember… It’s not important that they don’t know you’re name at What IS important is the fact that you can see them get fucked on your computer!

The girls at fine for wine and cheese and they fuck like they’re on Mescalin! Not that I would know but I naturally figured. There’s never dull moment on this network. You get,,,,, and

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